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2024 Latino Readiness Series


Four to six 60-90 -minute interactive, engaging, thought provoking and action-driven sessions to delve into information, awareness, resources, tools, skills, and practices that will better prepare your organization to become Latino-Ready™. Latino-Ready organizations are equipped to attract, recruit, retain, advance, and serve Latinos and the Latino community and are aiming at becoming more just, equitable and inclusive for all.



TBD by Client


TBD by Client in collaboration with AmMore Consulting



Why Do You Need a Latino Strategy? The Business & Moral Case to Become Latino-Ready



The latest census data release indicates that Hispanics, Latinos, Latinx were responsible for 51% of the total U.S. population growth in 2010- 2020 and grew 23% since 2010, compared to 7.4% growth of the total U.S. population. In Ohio, the Latino population grew 47%, double the national growth. Nationwide, Latinos represent 19% of the population and the most common age is 11 years old, compared to 58 years old for white non-Latinos.


The numbers are clear: Latinos are the catalyst of growth and the main source of talent in the United States; without Latinos, organizations will have no customers and no workforce. It is imperative that all organizations are prepared and equipped to fully realize the potential of the second largest demographic group, not only as a matter of organizational sustainability and survival, but also as a moral case for organizations aiming at becoming more just, equitable and inclusive for all.


But how much do you know about this diverse, complex, and heterogeneous group labeled under Hispanic, Latinos, Latinx? What do you know about their culture, historical backgrounds,

unique stories? Latinos are a complex, multilayered, diverse, and rich group of individuals that share a common heritage but are as diverse as unique.


In this introductory session, attendees will start a journey of awareness and education that will create the foundation to lead a more inclusive organization.




Built upon the foundation of the first session, and developed jointly with the client, the deep dives will go further into specific skills development needed to achieve the main goals of the series. These monthly or quarterly 60-90-minute conversations/dialogues/workshops are led by the consultant and can include pre and post work and special guests.


Some examples of deep dives from other clients:


  • Deep Dive into The Latino Cultural Script, the cultural differences between Latino and Non-Latinos and Its Impact on Behavior, Leadership, Communication and Performance


  • Latino Talent Strategy Deep Dive


  • Deep Dive into effectively reaching the Latino Market in Greater Cleveland


  • Deep Dive into effective ways to build trust with Latino patrons



  • Intake and Assessment sessions to define goals and target audience, debrief previous session and build deep dive based on main goals and audience

  • Fully customization

  • Draft outline

  • Live text polling capabilities

  • Small group discussions

  • Recording available for up to 7 days

  • Up to 100 attendees virtual OR up to 50 attendees in person

  • Option to offer SHRM CE credits

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