The "100+ Latinos Cleveland Must Know" is an initiative created by AmMore Consulting in 2020 to elevate the profile of the Hispanic/Latino/Latinx professional community of Greater Cleveland by creating a platform for greater visibility, professional and leadership development opportunities for professionals that self-identify as Hispanic, Latino or Latinx.


This platform is intended to shine a positive light around Latino professionals and the Latino community in Greater Cleveland; our efforts are focused on changing the narrative and expanding the awareness around who Latinos are and what are our contributions to the United States.

We, Hispanics, Latinos, Latinx, are a growing force in the United States, and although still small in Greater Cleveland, we are mighty and we are ready to take the next step to become leaders and contributors to the economic and cultural development of this region.

This program is targeted to professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and individuals looking for opportunities to shine, volunteer, lead and change the narrative around us. This is a visibility platform for NEW talent that has not had other venues to shine. Although this program may be seen as a recognition opportunity for Latinos doing great work in the city, it is not intended to be only a recognition platform but mostly an opportunity platform for Latinos ready to take the lead and become more visible.

Nominations for this program MUST be done by the individual being nominated; in other words, you are self-nominating. We do this because of what we just mentioned above: this program is for individuals looking for new platforms and opportunities and YOU are the only one who can decide if you are ready to take the spotlight. Do not nominate others but feel free to send them the link to nominate themselves.