The Short-Term Project in a Box is a short-term undertaking in which you need highly specialized and culturally sensitive expert support. Projects may include: the design of an internship program; inclusive interviewing guide; identification, training, recruitment and development of Latino board members; mentorship and sponsorship programs, a professional/leadership development program for current Latino talent at your company, specialized HR training in Spanish, audits and recommendations for current attraction and recruitment processes and systems; targeted outreach for specific programs and events, data collection, assessments, event planning, among others.

Projects can go from 8 to 40 hours, depending on your budget, timeline and specific outcomes, and it may include:

  • Intake and Assessment session

  • Data collection, research and best practices

  • Recommendations

  • Implementation

  • Evaluation and Debrief session



There are two levels of investment for a Short-Term Project in a Box:

  • Up to 8 hours = $1,000

  • Up to 40 hours= $5,000


There are also options for additional hours:

  • $175 per hour

  • 4-hour increment: $500 ($125 per hour)