I love connecting people, providing resources, brainstorm ideas, look at potential partnerships and suggest opportunities for impact.

My business has been growing and expanding quicker than I thought and I am thankful and blessed for being able to support organizations become Latino-Ready™. And to help Latino individuals reach their potential, succeed and thrive in greater Cleveland.

I try to help and talk to everybody that needs me or wants to talk to me. Every week I receive a handful emails or calls from people or organizations looking for me to initiate a conversation, provide them with resources about Cleveland, the Latino community or help them brainstorm around ideas to start a conversation around DEI, and attracting and retaining Latino talent.

I don’t want to leave them hanging. I also can’t give away hours of time on free advice. To answer these requests, I have developed a “Pick My Brain” session.

A “Pick My Brain” session is a fully loaded, high-value, information-intensive zoom meeting that can guide you on the right direction.

  • A 60-minute zoom call full of insightful, honest and valuable information, ideas, resources and connections.

  • Audio file with the recorded session, for your personal use and review, and to avoid wasting time taking notes.

  • Intake survey to help guide the conversation and offer the best ideas, information, resources and connections.


  • I am providing you with a 60-minute meeting packed with information, ideas, quick solutions, resources and strategic connections that can jumpstart/ignite your strategic thinking around DEI issues and challenges, particularly as they relate to the Latino community and a Latino talent strategy.

  • If you are an up-and-coming Latino professional, this session will help you strategize around your role in the community, identify opportunities for professional and leadership development and boost your networking.

  • This session can help you get acquainted to the area, if you are a newcomer, a transplant from another city in the united states, or another country.

  • Sessions can be done in English or Spanish.

  • This session is not meant to offer you a long-term strategic plan solution to your talent attraction and retention issues, your diversity, equity and inclusion challenges.

  • I am not providing a bunch of names of people that you can just call and bother to sell your programs or offer a job. This is a strategic session to better understand where are some opportunities for you to explore further, on your own, or with my support as a consultant.

  • I do not share information about my network broadly. I can offer some suggestions of people you may need to approach, meet, connect with but I will not blast my network or distribute your information in AmMore’s newsletter.

  1. Email AmMore Consulting to confirm that you would like to purchase a session. Sessions are $99 for self identified Latino professionals and $175 for organizations. You will receive an invoice. 

  2. Once payment is processed, you will receive a welcome email where you will be able to schedule our time together. Weekly openings available. You will receive all the details for the call as well as the intake form needed prior to our meeting.

  3. Submit the intake form at least 2 days prior to our scheduled time so we can use our time together productively!





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