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2024 New2CLE

NEW2CLE is a culturally intelligent service to support new Latino professionals coming to Greater Cleveland with all their initial needs and questions so they can quickly start their jobs without the stress and overwhelm so natural and expected when moving to a new city or country. I have been there; I know how it feels!

NEW2CLE service is the perfect ONBOARDING and welcoming solution for companies of all sizes and industries bringing Latino talent from other cities in the U.S. or directly from Latin America. New2CLE will help your new employee navigate the new city, connect with others with similar background and experiences, develop a sense of community, and learn about resources, products and services that are available to them and their families. All our services can be delivered in Spanish or English. 


Services may include:

  • Initial Intake Form

  • 60-minute Assessment session (in person or virtual)

  • Customized Referrals and Contacts list

  • Greater Cleveland Resources Brochure, including a comprehensive list of organizations and companies that offer products and services to the Latino community

  • Ongoing support for the following 3 to 6 months



  • Prices start at $1,000



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