Why AmMore?

AmMore was born about a year and a half ago when my husband and I were dreaming about starting my own business. I wanted something unique, that would reflect both of us, that would mean something to us. Suddenly, I just said it out loud: AM MORE.

Am, for Amschlinger, my husband's German last name; + More, the beginning of my last name, Moreno. So it was: AMMORE. We instantly loved it and our dream started to take shape.

The fun thing is that AmMore can also be read as "amor", which is Spanish for "love", and also it plays with the word I Am More, which spoke personally to me as I was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey and let's admit it, I was not sure if I was made to have my own consulting company. But most importantly, it also speaks about my higher call: to elevate Latinx professionals discourse to make sure everybody understand that Latinos are an important economic, social and cultural force in the US  both at the individual and organizational level that we are MORE, more empowered, more educated, more passionate. This by no means is trying to convey the message that we are more than something else; it is just to highlight that we need to believe in our strengths 

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