Marcia V. Moreno, MA, CDE

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Marcia Moreno, M.A. is a self-driven, proactive and passionate bilingual professional with 16+ years of experience in human resources, workforce development, talent management and diversity, inclusion and equity. 

In 2018, she founded AmMore Consulting LLC, the first Cleveland based company committed to creating more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces by supporting organizations develop long-lasting strategies and systems to effectively attract, recruit and retain Latino talent to succeed and thrive.

Marcia came to the U.S. in 2005 to pursue a master’s degree in Communications Theory and Methodology at Cleveland State University and since then she has dedicated her career to empowering Latinos to become a true economic and cultural force in their communities. Marcia is deeply and passionately involved in various local organizations such as Young Latino Network, College Now of Greater Cleveland, Global Cleveland, Cleveland Council on World Affairs, among others.  

For the past 16 years, Marcia has worked tirelessly to create paths to diversify the workforce landscape of Cleveland. With a strong research background, a natural talent to connect with people from different backgrounds and at different levels, Marcia can navigate the community and build strong relationships to drive organizational transformation and growth.  

Marcia lives in Rocky River with her husband, Joe, and her son Teddy.