AmMore Consulting LLC, as a signatory of the Hispanic Promise, during last year's We Are All Human Summit at the United Nations, has joined The Hispanic Star Response and Recovery Plan by creating The Hispanic Star CLE.


In response to the continuously developing health and economic impacts of COVID-19, the Hispanic Star is shifting efforts to redirect assets, networks and platforms to put the Hispanic Stars in action. We aim to mitigate the negative impact of this global pandemic on our community, particularly small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent workers.


This unification platform will serve to communicate, organize and mobilize as Hispanic Stars, ready to act, support recovery and then be able to shine again!


The CLE hub will focus its efforts on two main fronts:

1) Collaborating and partnering with local organizations that are supporting Latinx businesses and individuals by promoting their events, programming and activities; and


2) Becoming a platform for Greater Cleveland companies to FIND and SUPPORT Latinx small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent workers.


This hub is open to ALL individuals and organizations that want to SUPPORT our efforts. It is meant to be complementary to the efforts others are doing in our community and it is to be a positive forum and platform for information sharing.


If you have questions, comments or need additional information about this effort, please reach out to the Hispanic Star CLE Ambassadors: Marcia MorenoLenis Guzman or Roberta Duarte.


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Visit The Hispanic Star Response and Recovery Plan to learn more.